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Our Support Team

Our Support Team members are committed to the success of Ashford Brokerage Managers. With well over ninety years of combined experience, these individuals provide assistance with licensing, marketing, illustrations, policy services, and underwriting. Meet the people behind the scenes.

Sally Callahan

Brokerage Assistant, Illustrations & Applications

(770) 390-2603

Sally is committed to excellent broker and client service. With a background in the financial industry, Sally helps the Ashford Brokerage team agency-wide. She works with brokers on pending cases, submitting applications, ordering...
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Carla Armstrong

Case Manager, Underwriting Services

(770) 390-2611

Carla Armstrong joined Ashford Advisors in 2011, after working in the mortgage banking industry for over twenty-five years. She serves as a New Business Administrator for the agency. Carla is the point-person for processing new...
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Lynn Burke

New Business Administrator

(770) 536-9764

Lynn Burke joined Ashford, formerly Murdock Taylor, in 1997. With an extensive background in insurance and brokerage, she serves as a New Business Administrator for the agency. Lynn is instrumental in the underwriting process, helping...

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Carla Garikes

Case Manager, Underwriting Services

(770) 390-2663

With an extensive background in financial services and sales, Carla joined Ashford in 2001. She serves the firm as a New Business Administrator. Carla is instrumental in the underwriting process, helping brokers navigate from paperwork...
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Kelee Wylie

Office Manager, Underwriting Services

(678) 281-9108

Kelee Wylie is the Office Manager in Atlanta. She serves as a New Business Administrator for the agency, as well as directs the day-to-day operations and activities of Ashford. Kelee joined Ashford Advisors in 1996.

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Katherine Norman

Agency Administrator, Policyholder Services

(770) 390-2659

Katherine joined Ashford in 2018 and helps with policy processing, changes, and general policyholder services. She was introduced to the firm by a close family friend and previously worked in customer service and as a debt collector.
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Johnny Howard

Director of Operations, Licensing Services

(770) 390-2624

Johnny Howard serves as the Director of Operations at Ashford Advisors. She assists the Ashford Brokerage team with appointments and licensing while effectively managing the company and establishing and implementing operations and...
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Yvonne Miller, FLMI, ACS

Director of Operations, Licensing Services

(901) 692-5100

Yvonne Miller serves as the Director of Operations in the Memphis Office. She manages the office, establishing and implementing procedures for agents and staff. With nearly twenty-five years’ experience at Ashford, Yvonne helps...
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Jaylin Perry

Director of Marketing

(770) 390-2678

Jaylin Perry joined Ashford Advisors in 2016. She works with the management team and individual advisors to develop integrated marketing and business strategies in service of increasing brand awareness and opportunities to build...
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Katelyn Everidge

Marketing Coordinator

(770) 390-2662

Katelyn Everidge serves as the Marketing Coordinator at Ashford Advisors. She is the customer service point person for all advisors’ questions regarding social media, print, or website marketing materials, and is the firm...

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Dianne E. Tyler

Case Manager, Underwriting Services

(770) 390-2653

With over twenty years of marketing experience working for Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies, Dianne joined Ashford Advisors in 2018. Her role as a Case Manager allows her to assist brokers through the underwriting process as...
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Xiomara Salgado

Hsu Team

(770) 390-2648

Originally from New Jersey, Xiomara now calls Atlanta home. She works alongside Shannon Hsu as her Brokerage Assistant. Bringing her passion and drive to work hard, Xiomara enjoys interacting with brokers and saw Ashford as a great fit...
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