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Concierge Service

With over 120 years of excellence in brokerage services, our elite brokerage team help advisors grow their practice and increase their income by bringing invaluable knowledge, marketing/sales ideas, and unmatched hands-on service.

How We Help YOU!

By focusing on enhancing your client’s experience, we help best position you and your practice to achieve its full income and growth potential.

You will have access to industry leading disability, life, and life/long-term care products, programs and features.

Our team will not only help you find the right strategies and products to fit your current client markets but also create innovative sales concepts to help entice and expand new markets and demographics.

Here are just a few of the ways we currently help our brokers:

  • Case Design and Contract Analysis:

    Not sure where to start? We can help you create the optimum plan design for your client’s needs. Not sure how a client’s current policies compare? We will provide an up to date contract analysis across all client plans to make your presentation more efficient and easier for clients to understand.

  • Competition Support and Updates:

    Our award-winning products and well-informed team make competition non-existent. Our team is plugged into the latest industry information and do a brilliant job keeping you abreast of the market.

  • Full Spectrum Marketing Support:

    Marketing is the one area that many advisors find problematic. Yet, without marketing, your prospect funnel will eventually dry up. Our team is able to provide not only innovative marketing resources but also professional and eye-catching marketing materials to intensify your marketing efforts from creating marketing campaigns and programs to assisting in implementation.

  • Extensive Sales Support:

    Joint client meetings and helping you close business is never a problem. Our all-inclusive front-end sales support takes the frustration out of selling a new product away. For those that haven’t sold a specific product in a while, our up to date information and knowledge will close the hesitation gap.

  • Stunning Back Office Support:

    The lengths in which our team will go above and beyond for you, leave our brokers speechless! From taking your applications and handling all underwriting paperwork to contacting physician offices in order to expedite the gathering of medical records, our team is always ready to help! It’s fully turn-key from start to finish. Our brokers have the choice to be as hands on or hands off throughout the process.

  • Ongoing Sales Training:

    Need CE credits? No problem! Our incredible brokerage directors are all CE certified to provide live, on-site training for you and your agency. Completely free! Just another value-added benefit that we bring to the table. Want to teach your team how to sell a new product? We do that too! Our brokerage directors are all extremely versed and unquestionably successful selling to consumers. We are not just “wholesalers”. Each and every one of us has had extensive experience selling to clients. So, you’ll be able to acquire training from seasoned professionals!

**These are only a FEW of the perks that working with our team can bring to your practice! We truly strive for you to have a concierge level experience. Call us today to start receiving these and many more benefits!

Want Personalized Concierge Service for your business?

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