Broker Check


  • Do I have to be contracted before submitting a life or disability application?

    Yes - we can help get the licensing paperwork process started – just ask!

  • Do I have to meet production requirements?

    No, as a general broker with us, you have no minimum production requirements. However, if you are someone that consistently places or will be placing more premium with Guardian, we have other enhanced broker contracts that we will be happy to discuss with you.

  • Does a case have to be large and complicated for you to get involved?

    No – we welcome all business. One of the talents of our veteran team members is helping expand the size of the cases you write!

  • Do you have eTools?

    Yes – we offer easy-to-use eApplications, eMed and eDelivery.  

  • Will you go on joint sales calls with me?

    Yes – we serve as a joint work partner. We’ll make every effort to accommodate you until you’re coached-up and ready to present solo.

  • What if I need product or technical coaching?

    We are here to help – our team can work with you 1:1 to coach you on Guardian products and how they compare to our competitors, share marketing and sales advice, and host frequent webinars to address these concerns and many others.

  • What if I want to become affiliated with your agency as a full-time Guardian agent?

    Guardian is an outstanding career agent company. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you. The Guardian Financial Representative ("FR") contract is one of the best in the industry. It is ideal for the producer who is capable of producing at least $50,000 per year in first year commissions with The Guardian on a steady basis. Call Sally Callahan at (770)390-2603 to express your interest.

  • How do I get a quote?

    Sally Callahan is our internal contact, please call (770)390-2603 or email You can also complete our Get a Quote form and we’ll reach out.

  • Will you run illustrations for me?

    Yes – use the website here to order a Quote, call our office , or email a request. We can typically turn them around same day or within 24 hours.

  • Can I obtain the software to run my own illustrations?

    Yes – it can be made available, so reach out if you’re interested.

  • Who arranges medical exams and orders APS’s and inspection reports for my cases?

    We will be happy to order the medical examples, as well as follow up on all APS’s and IR’s.

  • Can I monitor underwriting?

    Yes - Our new business team is committed to keeping you informed about your case in underwriting and will contact you at least weekly as the file is updated. If you have any questions about your specific case, you are welcome to contact your local product specialist. You have ultimate control as to how much involvement you want during the underwriting process. You have the option to be completely hands off or completely hands on. The choice is yours!

  • What does insurance planning do to help my client’s business or personal financial plan?

    Whether you are thinking about a business economy or personal economy, cash flow is important! Disability insurance planning protects the cash flow of a family or business entity. Life insurance has several applications including tax planning and business planning, but one of the most common uses of life insurance is to establish a fund that continues the cash flow promises of a deceased breadwinner.

  • What else does insurance planning do to help my client’s business or personal financial plan?

    Since insurance is a reliable contract, insurance planning adds security and peace of mind to one’s planning.

  • How do I talk about income protection plans with my client?

    Frame it simply. “Client, you are working toward building up your accounts and there are circumstances that could prevent you from making the necessary inputs like illness or injury where you couldn’t work like you do now. What are your alternative resources to keep up your plan?”

  • Who are ideal clients for disability insurance?

    Simply put, most workers at any skill level would have a problem if their income turned off. There are solutions for different occupations and skill levels ranging from group disability insurance to individually issued disability insurance and often a mix is the best fit for many occupations. Our product specialists can help you analyze your client’s situation and formulate a recommendation or two.

  • How do I talk to my client about life insurance?

    Ask if their current plan has completing provisions. Life insurance contracts adhere to contract law and thus the terms and provisions of the policy contractually bind the carrier to pay when a benefit is due. It doesn’t matter how many premium payments you have made, once one has satisfied a triggering event for insurance benefit, the benefit is paid. This is why insurance planning is so important to work alongside other assets like real estate, managed asset accounts, and owned businesses to name a few.

  • Who are ideal clients for life insurance?

    Similarly, to the answer above, it’s not exactly who is ideal for life insurance coverage, but what kind of coverage is ideal for the client. There are a variety of life insurance products available ranging from yearly renewable term, to level term, to whole life. All of which have important roles in a quality financial plan covering different spectrums of risk term. Contact our product specialists for assistance making your assessments for your clients.

  • When is term insurance appropriate?

    Term insurance is useful when the protection is only needed for a specific period of time – no longer. Some term life insurance plans allow for renewability, but it comes with a severally increased rate.

  • When is whole life insurance appropriate?

    Whole life can be a useful insurance tool that provides a benefit that is not limited to a term period. Whole life can be useful for personal cash flow planning, tax strategies, and business-owner planning. Whole life often can include living benefits such as cash value, accelerated benefits for chronic/terminal illness, or long-term care benefits. If you work with business-owners, whole life can be used for business planning techniques such as executive bonuses or deferred compensation.

  • Why should I choose Guardian?

    Guardian has a long history of industry leading products and stable financial backing. In the life insurance market, Guardian has long-pay, limited-pay, term, and insurance products specific to highly technical business strategies. Guardian also provides top quality disability insurance provisions that you’ve come to expect for “tip-of-the-spear” disability insurance planning as well as breadth of product with an unbundled alternative to obtain great contract provisions at lower premium points.

  • Why should I choose Ashford?

    Ashford Advisors, Inc. is one of Guardian’s top producing agencies that has a long legacy in the brokerage marketplace. Ashford Brokerage has a team of brokerage specialists who are located in your regional market and are directly motivated to help you develop and grow your business income and client base through quality client recommendations.