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Great Resources for Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Great Resources for Disability Insurance Awareness Month

| May 06, 2019

May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month, so I am going to outline some of the best independent resources available to help educate clients and employers on the risk of disability and the importance of a comprehensive income protection plan.

The Council for Disability Awareness

This website has some outstanding resources for both employers and financial advisors. It has a set of statistics, charts, and graphs that are continuously updated, a Personal Disability Quotient Calculator to use with the clients, advice on healthy lifestyle choices, and much more.  I highly recommend you look at both sections because there is a wealth of information here that can help people understand the risks of a disability occurring and the consequences of not planning for it.

Life Happens

Life Happens is a nonprofit organization that encourages people to take personal financial responsibility by purchasing appropriate insurance products. They have a section devoted exclusively to disability insurance, and it has some great resources to help consumers understand why it’s important, what their specific need might be, and what their potential options are to cover the problem. It does a great job explaining the most important pieces of this discussion, and it doesn’t endorse any particular insurance company.

Office of Disability Employment Policy

The Department of Labor provides a great set of resources for employers to learn about the initiatives being sponsored to advance the employment of disabled persons. This is a site I hadn’t seen until very recently, and I discovered a ton of information I hadn’t seen before. I highly recommend you check it out.

Social Security Administration

The SSA has a straightforward page that explains the disability benefits available to someone through the federal government that is too sick or hurt to work. It provides an overview of the system and some practical information on how to apply for benefits and the process for approval.

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